Polynesians initially populated the Hawaiian islands sometime between 124 and 1120 AD. Hawaiian development was isolated from the rest of the world for the next 500 years and survived as a self-governing society. In 1778, British explorer James Cook claimed to be the first to see this human development when he arrived at Waimea Bay on the island of Kauai. The archipelago was given the name “Sandwich Islands” by Cook. Hawaii became a US Territory in January 1893 and remained such until August 21, 1959, when it became the 50th state of the US.

Hawaii is made up of eight islands, six of which you can rent a vehicle on. With such a diverse range of settings and changing scenery, each island has its own set of attractions for visitors. Mount Waialeale on Kauai is possibly the wettest place on earth, whereas Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii is the tallest fountain of gushing magma, rising 13,796 feet above sea level and broadening an additional 19,680 feet beneath the water’s edge, making it the world’s tallest mountain. Kona coffee is one of the world’s top ten most costly blends, thanks to its rich volcanic soil and great growing circumstances.

The atmosphere is huge here – warm and lovely, with each island having its own temperature, ranging from extremely dry to extremely wet. Every island is worth discovering because it offers a variety of activities and sights to see. Furthermore, there are the coasts, which range from peaceful and tranquil to unquestionably the craziest riding beaches on the planet—there are so many incredible views to be seen on each island.

The Hawaiian people’s approach is the Aloha Spirit, which means “breath of life.” Aloha is a living technique that involves treating one another with love and respect.